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Wise Education Consultancy is one of the leading international student agent based in Sydney,Australia provides education consultancy for the students who wish to accomplish their higher Education in Australia. Wise Education Consultancy is currently representing Australian Universities, Vocational Colleges And English schools in all Australian states. Our aim is to make the student life in Australia is easy and comfortable. So we introduce the best Courses suit to the students, which relevant to their future plans. Therefore, students will not be disappointed or regret about the decision they have taken to choose particular course. Also we are in touch with students during their study period of Australia.   

Why study in Australia

Reasons to choose Australia as your study destination….

  • Australia is being third largest International Education Destination and it offers modern an
    Education system and uniquely shaped courses with lots of options to be chosen by students.
  • Australian qualifications are well recognized around the world.
  • Australia has the fastest growing International Education Industry in the world.
  • Australia has multi-cultural student environment in the universities and other colleges.

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  • Australia represents the top 40 universities in the globe.
  • Australia is one of the best places to study and live in the world.

  • Australia has become the safest International Student destination during the past decade.

Our Procedures

Free Education Consultation

Wise Education Consultancy (WEC) provides free education consultation regarding affordable
courses according to your needs and interests which are accredited and reasonably priced
from our wide range of universities and colleges in Australia.
In that case, you can choose which college or university you want to enroll with and which city
you want to study within warm or cold weather.

Preparation and Lodgment of Student Application

We advise you what you need prior to lodge your Student Application to the relevant Education Institute such as your IELTS ranks, educational qualifications, work related qualifications and Financial requirement.











Apply Student Visa

After you met all requirements for your application process, including your financial needs,We are ready to lodge your application in order to receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from
Your institute. Then, with the COE and health cover, we are good to apply your Student Visa.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Being an International student, you will need a health cover (which is compulsory) to
overcome your health problems during your stay in Australia.





Airport pick up

We could arrange the pick-up upon your arrival to Australia. As you are new to this country,
you will be provided more information related to your day today life in the city and public
Transport cost to be paid by the student.


We will be able to provide you with comfort accommodation suits to your budget such as
share accommodation in houses or town houses, one or two bed room apartments, granny
flats and studio, or on campus boarding.


Job Opportunities

As a student, you are eligible to work in Australia 40hrs per fortnight. If you are in need to
cover up some of your daily expenses, we are here to help you with casual or part time jobs.

Happy Stories

I am really enjoying my studies at ELC. First, my teacher is very nice, the course is very interactive, topics are interesting ! This is a completely different way of learning : we study with games, in groups… Then, the nationality mix is very good, I have met people from all over the world ! I learned different cultures and shared great moments ! Also, the school has a perfect location, close to everything, Town Hall train station, Darling Harbour, Restaurants, the city centre !


Mark Soysa


Studying overseas really improves your skills to adapt to a whole different world with other people and a whole different way of living. It is a chance to step out of the culture and values of home and experience something completely new.

Overall it enhances your people skills, your flexibility and makes you a strong person in general: an asset that future employers like!

Thamara Perera


I really appreciate helping me to choose the appropriate and affordable course. So that I had an easy
and stress less student life in Australia.
After my studies, Wise Education Consultancy helped me with finding migration solutions towards
my residency process. So today, I am really happy that I made the right choice by choosing Wise
Education Consultancy and I recommend them to anyone without any doubt.

Samitha Silva


Get a Dazzling Smile in Lowest Price

According to StudyMove.com, the average tuition fee for international undergraduate students was AU$30,840 (~US$22,170) per year in 2018, and AU$31,596 (~US$22,700) for international postgraduates. 

Study in Australia, the official government site for international students, gives the typical annual tuition fees for international graduate students as:

  • Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600);
  • Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600).

These figures do not include high-value courses such as veterinary or medical degrees, which can cost significantly more.

Tuition fees at Australian universities are generally calculated per unit, not per year. Each unit falls into a fee band, and as most students will be studying a combination of units from different bands, fees will be different for everybody.

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